Mesoamerica, a territory that starts in Mexico

Ivan Velasquez
CEO Gobiz Advice
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Mesoamerica, a territory that starts in Mexico and goes all the way down to Colombia (Current geopolitical designation that also includes some Caribbean countries) bathed by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Region full of enigmas, mysteries and legends. Where men become gods… (Teotihuacán).

A place where we can find an ancestral cultural diversity combined by the meeting of new cultures, resulting in a multiethnic region that mixes the divine of the native people and the scientific development of the Europeans who once ruled the area. Region where obsidian is fused with treated steel, where the best of all worlds is found in unison.

A region full of opportunities for learning, growth, development, but above all experiences.

The new world where humanity will be saved... El Dorado exists. We will show you the way!!!

The Mesoamerican economy has long been highly globalized and it's an attractive economy for international markets.

The mesoamrican population is presented as one of the great strengths of the region, attractive due to its high concentration of talent, with a growing rate of highly sophisticated consumers in terms of goods and services that represents a growing search for better standards of life. . At the same time, the region offers competitive labor costs and a growing young middle class that desires growth and seeks innovation.

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), presents Colombia as one of the main recipients of Foreign Direct Investment in the region, meanwhile in Mexico, the investments of the European Union exceeded for the first time the investment of the United States in the country. Already in Central America, Costa Rica and Panama are presented as the main recipients of FDI, as well as the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

The region still offers a lot of room for private investment in infrastructure, which plays a very important role in the development of the countries of the region. Thus, organizations have abundant possibilities to bring large-scale projects to this market.

The proximity to the markets with a large consumer base such as the United States and Canada, in addition to the different logistics and transport channels, make the region one of the most important areas of impact in global trade.

As i see it, the War in Ukraine and the consequences of the COVID Pandemic at a global level strengthen the position of Mesoamerica as a hopeful region for the development and growth of new opportunities that range from the development of clean energy, technological impulse and food protection, to development of digital infrastructures and real estate projects.

In a debate entitled "From Ukraine to the Americas: fortifying the recovery in the face of global shocks" on the occasion of the start of the UN General Assembly last September, several experts, including those convened by the Atlantic Council of New York, gave their points of view , which to my liking matched our analysis of a complex and yet hopeful panorama for the development of our region and as a safeguard against the geopolitical, financial and socio-cultural uncertainty present in other regions.

The opportunities are real and the range is wide; In new technologies, clean and/or renewable energies, health sciences and technologies, food safety, logistics, retirement communities and human development, among others.

In Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama, for example, there is a large and growing industry for pharmaceutical development and medical supplies and they represent an excellent opportunity for the production of supplies dedicated to the thriving industry of electric transport, conductors and energy storage.

There are many challenges in the political, socio-economic, cultural, environmental and technological development level. We are affected by external and geopolitical pressures – which affect other regions as well. However, perhaps the biggest difference is that we are used to dealing with these challenges and generation after generation we have come out ahead and left our mark on the world…Our time is now.

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