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Identifying buyers’ motivations for purchasing specific real estate units is hard. Lead Generation is unstable, and traffic on socials or the website low.
our approach

Gobiz takes on all commercial responsibility. With our all-rounded, data-driven commercial approach, we generate stable growth in the number of leads and sales for your project.

Interest rates offered by banks in Mesoamerica are high, therefore financing a project is expensive.
our approach

Gobiz leverages it’s sustainability funds network in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East to offer projects better interest rates.

Bank Loan applications are tedious and lengthy. And once it is completed, lenders receive cold cash with no other benefits.
our approach

By pairing Real Estate projects with experienced investment funds, we can provide developers with smarter money, (i.e strategic partnerships, advisory, and other benefits).

Here is how we can help...

We understand ourselves as partners, not sellers. While we focus on the 3 aspects below, we help projects with a wide range of issues ranging from legal to digital.

Capital Raise
We get you the money you need at a competitive interest rate.
Gobiz doesn’t just refer you to a fund. We accompany you through the entire process, simplifying and accelerating it for you leveraging our decades of experience.
Raised in Total (USD)
Continents with Gobiz partner funds
Full-stack Direct-to-Consumer Commercial Direction
We market and sell your real estate project.
Using a proven data-driven approach, we are able to identify target segments and effectively reach them for stable lead generation and sales growth.
Total Sales 
Projects completed
Capital Restructuring
We find funds that will buy your current debt and offer you a more competitive interest rate.
We leverage our global network to find a fund that believes in your project, providing you with better interest rates and smarter money.
Days of average lead time
Average nominal interest rate drop

How we do it

While every project and every inquiry is different, over the years we have found a process that simplifies things the most.

Closing the deal
Due Diligence & Qualification
Clarifying goals
Analyzing your project
Analyzing your project

First, we spend time getting to know you and your project. How many years are you already in business? What is the current sales process and financial structure? We create a profile that helps us understand the defining characteristics of your project.

Clarifying your goals

We define what is needed to make your project succeed. In terms of commercial direction, we need to understand factors such as market desirability and sales targets. For capital raises, we need to understand the exact capital requirements of the project.

Due Diligence & Qualification

Gobiz leads through the entire process of contacting funds, banks and other suitable and credible investment parties. We qualify them, and only present matching capital sources to you.

Closing the Deal

We help negotiate and close the (re-)financing agreements, providing you with legal assistance as well as supporting with the necessary contracts and commercial agreements.

Our team of experts

Meet the representatives from our different offices across the globe.

About Gobiz

Gobiz is a commercial strategy firm with more than 20 years of experience commercializing, financing and growing projects in the Real Estate, Renewable Energy & New technologies sectors.

With offices in North America, Central America, South America, Central Europe & Eastern Europe, we pride ourselves in our deeply personal approach to conducting business, forming lasting partnerships with clients, organizations and governments that span decades and benefit all our other clients.

Jorge Ivan Velásquez
Assisting Investment Funds & Companies capitalize on Energy, Real Estate & New Tech opportunities in Mesoamerica.
Max Wolfarth
Expert in Web3 and Blockchain technologies, with a wide background in technology, project management and product development. Ex-Amazon & Ex-Bank of America.
Estuardo Vasquez
Managing Director
Central America
Juan Manuel Llera
Managing Director
Entrepreneur with a proven track record in the environmental industry and the growing online education industry. Experienced in the development of public and private solutions to social problems, politics, social entrepreneurship and business creation. Bachelor in Administration from ITAM and Master in Public Management from the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE).
Néstor Kreimer
Managing Director
Co-Founder and Vice-President of Qaly Advanced S.A., Spain, a company focused on Extended Longevity with Quality Adjusted Life Years, based on 6P Medicine: Predictive, Preventive, Accurate, Proactive, Participatory and Personalized.
Lucia Shum
More than 20 years leading Operations teams for companies with an international presence, specializing in investment development, in stock market operations, off-shore banking and commercial management.
Daniel Berman
Helping investment funds intelligently deploy energy & real estate investments in Mesoamerica + Making/saving money for brands with Web3.
Arturo Rodriguez
Managing Director
Eastern Europe
Experienced Entrepreneur and Innovator with expertise in the environmental and renewable energy industries. Strong focus on eastern european markets.
Karlo Suñol
Legal Advisor
Associate Lawyer in the area of ​​Corporate and Banking Law of the firm Aguilar Castillo Love. Graduated from the University of Costa Rica and Bachelor of Laws with an emphasis on Banking, Finance and Stock Market Law. Active member of the Costa Rican Bar Association.

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